HELP with my scooting dog....

Please take the time to watch this video of my Bully Ethel. She has been scooting around like this - the vet checked her out and does not think she is in any pain. She does jump up and run around with the other 2 dogs too. He told me to get her off puppy food and to cut down on her food intake. We did and she only lost 1 pound. She is a bit overweight for a female. she is now 58 lbs. He tried rimadyl for a week to see if there was any pain and she was the same. she runs and plays without limping, so is she just fat and a little lazy??? her one leg seems to be tucked under her big belly????
Thoughts please.....

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Did they do any xrays of her hips?

How long has she been doing this?  I have found a great food for weight reduction, it's called Natural Balance Fat Dog, has good ingredients instead of just fillers and the only grain in it is oatmeal.  We have had Chester on it for two months and he has lost 6 pounds and isn't starving at all.  Hope you get to the bottom of this, it looks painful but if she gets up and plays normally, it's hard to tell what is going on.

No x rays

he didn't want to do them, just yet, he wants to see how she is after she looses some weight. He did poked and pushed on her so much and he thinks if she was in pain she would have shown some kind of sign, but nothing... She does have a hard time getting up on the tile floor (slides) but the carpet she chooses to scoot, but jumps up when she wants something... I don't get it...

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I'd get to the vet...

and have x-rays done, that doesn't look like an issue due to weight, it appears she can't put weight on that leg?


Cathy & Zimmer



I agree 100% that is not normal due to a dog being overweight.

I would be looking for a new vet for Ethel.  Sadie scooted when she had a complete tear of her CCL.  Please get her checked.


Hate to say this but this dog should be seen

by an orthopedic specialist. Her weight may not be helping her situation but is certainly not the cause of it. I'm glad you took her in to see your vet right away but he definitely should have ordered x-rays immediately. Bulldogs are such a stoic breed and quite tenacious and really don't show that they are in pain unless it's extreme. Good luck with getting her taken care of. You have quite a cutie pie on your hands. She seems so sweet in the video.

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Agree - This is far from normal

and needs to be seen by a specialist. Does she walk at all? Can you get a video of her walking? Is she limping on her left leg. I also suspect a possible hip issue, patella or CCL rupture.

How long has she been doing this?

Definitely NO puppy food, she should have been taken off of that at 4 months.

She is over weight. Put her on frozen green beans and kibble. How much kibble are you feeding her? How old is she?

She is a pretty girl. Is she going potty normal and does she walk normal to go outside?

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I'm not sure what you mean by scooting.

If she's scooting along the carpet, dragging her butt across the floor, that may be simply an indication of a scratchy behind. There may be a bowel problem or she may just like to scoot. This is especially since you said she doesn't have a problem walking or running.

If you clarify a bit, I might be able to answer more clearly.

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Watch the video, they posted a link

She's not scooting her butt. She is dragging her hind quarters with her left hind wrapped under her.

Definitely NOT a bum, anal sac, itchy butt problem.

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How old is she?

Does she limp when she walks?

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Well, yes, you need to get her to an Orthopedic specialist, or..

Find a really qualified Bulldog knowledgeable vet and go see them. This isn't normal, but believe me, I have seen lazy and this could be just that. Get the weight off, you can substitute a cup of salt free green beans for one meal daily until you see some substantial results. I would feed a grain free feed, like Natural Balance or Taste of the Wild or similar, to make sure she isn't getting a lot of hidden calories from her food. Also, you can try getting a towel under her several times a day and lift her to a standing position, then walk her around the room and get her to utilize those muscles she needs to have!!! Don't hold her up, just get her up, then make her walk herself with the towel there only to keep her from sitting again, but not to carry her weight...

Good luck, and please post back often with updates!


Amy and Sophia

She jumps right up and walks

when it's time, she just flips the leg out from underneath her and takes off... she has no limp, no problem walking or running... it's the craziest thing. she jumps up (front paws on the couch) - and she does it to both legs....
Always something with a bulldog...

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I am going with the lazy theory then!!!!

Get that green bean diet going, engage her in lots of getting up activity, and see if she doesn't do better:-)...


Amy and Sophia

Green Beans it is

Will Green Beans stink my house up - I have 2 bulldogs and a bullmastiff - it can get pretty smelly when beans are involved... (and 2 kids and a husband - LOL)...
I only give my dogs carrots as a snack too - no dog treats what so ever... I will get some green beans and see how she does -
Thank you everyone for your input
Happy Holidays to all..
I will let you know how it goes......

She is

11 months old, there is no limp when she walks - she runs and jumps like a normal pup.... beats up her brother all day long (and he takes it, thank god)

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Cooked carrots work just as well.

A cup of cooked carrots is fine. Just be sure they are sodium free if possible.


Amy and Sophia

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Frozen Green Beans

I feed my dogs green beans at times as fillers. Kohl's trying to loose a couple more lbs so I'll feed him some every couple of weeks. I get the frozen ones in a bulk bag, they are pretty cheap. If you get canned agree they need to be low sodium and I would also rinse them in cold water. I've never had a problem with gas with green beans. If you are having gas issues you could try using a probiotic.

No gas

problems with her, I just hear the word bean and think stinky house... Thanks for all your help, I will go buy some frozen green beans tonight....

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If she doesn't like the beans and carrots...

try cooking them in low (no) salt chicken broth.

She is starting

to get up much easier now - and running up the steps to come in the house... You never know with a bully... I have been feeding her the green beans, at first she was eating all of her food out of the dish and leaving the green beans - now she eats everything... Hopefully some weight is coming off and it's helping - Thanks for everyone's help.... Even went to check out a new vet yesterday - we shall see

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Maybe her leg is just asleep?

Try rubbing it a bunch first to get the 'tinglies' out first before she gets going? 


sincerely, christine