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Help me choose a photo for my column

I have a new column with a local on-line daily paper, little travel logs about adventures in local ethnic grocery stores. I've written for for them before and always used Maybull's photo at the identifier by my articles. But, my editor wants a real photo of me. I am not happy about this but I have to do it. So, which of these four should I choose? Or, should I try again. The photo will be very tiny so the details (wrinkles, etc., won't matter.) Personally, I think Maybull's photo would attract more readers. What's more beautiful and attention-getting than a bulldog?

Thanks for your help!





#1 looks good to me

Best of luck with the column.



Lynn King CPDT-KA

I agree with picture number

I agree with picture number one.


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Thank you!

I'm very old fashioned and don't think that for journalists, their image should have anything to do with the writing. So, I put on the sunglasses (fun, wacky sun glasses.)

Here's the photo I used to use. Don't you think she is pretty, too???

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1 or 4 definitely....



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