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Help with the bed

My bully chews through every bed that I've bought for him. Any suggestions for a chew/tear proof bed? :) if any of course lol


Anna chu

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Perla Bed

They are hard plastic, you can just throw a blanket in them.

Second the Perla bed!

Both dogs have one, they are awesome.  And they just wipe out easily too!

Sounds like a bit of tough love...

is needed. I too would put him in a kennel of some type with no bedding for a few days. Might now work but may just be the trick.

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We have used a crib mattress

We have used a crib mattress for several years now. We replace every 18 months or so. Cover with a mattress pad and crib sheet that are easy to toss in the washing machine. Price wise it is cheaper than a lot of the doggie beds out there.