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Help with adding veggies to food

Hello everyone. Winnie went to the vet today because she seemed off lately. Turns out poor baby has a UTI :( She's on meds and hopefully will recover quickly.

While there the vet said she has gained 8 pounds since Sept! He recomended I cut her food back and to mix in some cooked veggies at dinner time. Any suggestions on what your bullies like? Vet said try green beans, carrots and brocolli. Wanted to know if there were any others I can give her to mix it up.

Thank you!

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sorry also another ? on cranberry powder

Anyone sprinkle this on their dogs food to help with infection? If so can I buy it from whole foods or is there specific dog powder?

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my vet reccommended cranberry powder......

@250 mg for tillie and she weighs ~50lbs. he is a bully vet.......

it has helped us. good luck!



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i use frozen green beans for the G's

1/2 cup of green beans with 1/2 cup of doggie food... i nuke them for a short time...


Stay away from broccolli will

Stay away from broccolli will give them gas, my girl loves green beans carrots peas, and you can give her a cranberry supplement with every meal, my girl was prove to uti,s  and i gave her the cranberry and has not had one in years, hope she feels better soon


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Oh ya!

Noooooo broccoli, you'll get gassed out!


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Ruby eats anything but...

Cooked yams, steamed carrots, green beans, raw apple and canned peas seem to be favorites. I mean really...if it is in Ruby's bowl she'll eat it. For ease I usually just make extra of something we are eating and keep in it in the fridge to add to her meals.

I steam the vegetables to retain the nutrients. Jeeves...

loves green beans, carrots, broccoli, zucchini and squash.

He also will eat blueberries which are very healthy for dogs, if I warm them up and add it to his food.

gracie eats...

I add no salt french green beans and she LOVES THEM!!!

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Maybull likes most veggies.

Try raw, steamed or boiled in no-salt chicken broth to see which your dog likes. The little carrots and green beans made good dog treats, too.

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My Hanna has blood in your

My Hanna has blood in your urine which causes infections, so I have used the power cranberry, I got it from 1800-pet meds, I also currently use Vetri-Science UT Strength Everyday Canine, 60 Bite-Sized Chews that I got from Amazon. You can get them from your Vet's office, but the price will double. I also use ordor free mega 3 fish oils. I have the 1400 mg, that I break open and put in her food once a day. It helps with kidney, urinary track and skin.
good luck.

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Carrots are Loo's favorite!

Loo loves the carrots... she will eat just about anything though... my hubby always tells me he stopped picking up when he dropped things on the floor ever since we got the "fuzzy vaccums"


-Rose & Loo

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my whole food store sells cranberry

powder tablets. i just open the capsule and use 1/2 of it. price is like $15 for a big bottle. i can't remember which brand right now, i can check if you wish. lasts about 3 months......




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