He goes MENTAL when I'm not around!!

Im having serious problem with Oliver.

He is 5now, super well taken care and spoiled.

He is not at all agressive to me, he listen to everything I tell him to do. With me hes the most well behaved dog.

I have been going away for work and left him at some dog hotels. They call me the next day because Mr.Oliver has been agressive, hes fine at first but after a while he just snaps, goes MENTAL....crazy......he bites the leash, destroys what ever is around him. 

I took him a trainner and he told me in 27 years he has NEVER seen a dog so crazy and do what he does.

I dont know what to do...He doesnt do this at all when his with me, I can have visitors over, other dogs and he does not do anything.

Please help me...Is this normal? (of course not!)

I don't know what to tell you.............

and have no advice, but this face is just cracking me up!  :)

I hope you can figure something out.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Get a second opinion

Your trainer may not have seen this, but another trainer may have the answer.

My parents had a bulldog that would sometimes go nuts like this, trying to climb up on people. He attacked a riding lawn mower, once. My parents were pretty lax with hime, though. . Ask around other trainers to see if someone has seen this before.

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Vicky, that face is killing me too !

I've been sitting here laughing just looking at that "face" !  Bullies never cease to amaze me :)




Thanks!!! Im doing all

Thanks!!! Im doing all research possible...

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I have no...

advice for you but just want to say that he is just so darn cute!!!!  Hope you find some help with him.

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Separation Anxiety

Sounds like he has some serious separation anxiety. Find a licensed behaviorist to assist you. I find it very hard to think that an experienced trainer isn't familiar with separation anxiety.

It really isn't all that uncommon. But the snapping is of concern. Any chance these episodes were taped?

Find a home/pet sitter that will stay at your home with him when you have to go away. Do a lot of socializing with him and this person, prior to, like walks several times then some hours away, then a day or weekend.

Do you have any trouble with him when you leave him home while you do out, to work, to dinner, etc.?

Is he crate trained?

What is his history? Have you had him from a puppy? Does he sleep with you?

What were these dog hotels like? Room like suites or was he put in a concrete kennel/run? Honestly I would never leave a bulldog in so many of these type places. They just don't know bulldogs or cater to their needs like we do.

Poor guy he was probably scared :(

I wish they were taped so I

I wish they were taped so I could see!! Its really hard for me to beleive them because Oliver is such a sweet dog.

He did stay with a friend at her house for 4 days and it was also a Disaster!!! When i leave the house hes fine, no pee or poo, just sleep and tans, He is not agressive at all, or stressed. I bring him with me to work, to patios and hes fine, just sleeps.

I got him when he was 5 months I think, he was really small but he grew up in a house with alot of people and I would always travel. he used to stay fine with everyone and one day he just went Mental

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What a sweet face.

You can let me watch him and with Loulou and Bubba he will be just fine. Lol . I think I would listen to Deb. you might want to get him a thunder shirt to wear when your not around. I know I would check with other trainer or see if a someone you know will keep him. 



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OMG!! Loving his little

OMG!! Loving his little face!!!

I would also recommend trying another therapist and consider in home pet sitting (it is surprisely affordable).

Ask you vet about anti-anxiety medications; he may need some while you are away.

We are going to the vet

We are going to the vet tomorrow to talk about meds..


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He's so cute! Let us know what happens w/ meds and training.

I hope it gets solved, soon.

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..... that is one handsome boy :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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I know it's hard.....

.... We've had an issue where Tucker has shown some behaviour somewhere and he has never shown it for us. We've decided just to remove him from that situation completely. I know this is vague but I just wanted to say I know it's hard to work on something when you never see that particular problem. I felt judged because he was having an issue and they wanted to know why we weren't working on it. Well I can't change something that never happens in front of me.

Good luck :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

Hey guys!!! WoW Thank God for

Hey guys!!! WoW Thank God for your msg!! I knew I was not alone on this!!

Ive been feeling so bad lately because the trainner told me I spoiled him, and that he didnt respect me, and bla bla bla and honestly Oliver is such a nice dog I dont know what hes talking about. He only comes to my bed when I invite him, he dosnt destroy the house, or pees, he never ever attacked any other dog, he is super docil. I take him to patios with me and he just dosnt care about anyone or anything.

But I know he does have the separation issue. He does go Mental when Im not there the next morning.

What freaked me out the most is that the trainner told me he has never seen a dog go so crazy and that Oliver is the only dog that ever made him scared. He told me the trainned with pitbulls and other angry dogs.

If Oliver was sooooo agressive why is he sooo sweet around me?

I have a lost case and a slow future...