Hates the lemon....

So my big guy Fred sounds very Phlegmy – It’s like pulling Teeth trying to get the lemon in his mouth –. He’s been on Benadryl and Claritin (on and off for a while) I hate to keep giving him meds. But when the allergies hit and they cysts pop out (interdigital) I know it’s time. He’s been on the steroids and antibiotics from the vet also – When I think I get it under control, another allergy attack… Just wanted to know if there is anything else that anyone used for the phlegm problem. I even try to get him to play with lemons… he hates it.

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I've heard that...

you can use 7 up or sprite instead of lemon.  What is he allergic to?  What are you feeding him?

Brewer used to get the cysts

Brewer used to get the cysts on his feet and used to have tons of ear infections and itchiness, but we switched his food to grain free and we haven had any issues. I would start looking at your food.


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I dont' know what to do to help. They all hate lemons.

When lemons are recommendated, no one says, "Oh, by the way. Dogs HATE lemons."

Good luck.

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I use cuties!

I heard it's just the citric acid that would break up the phlegm so instead of lemons, I use to feed Kibby those small mandarin oranges u find at the grocery store.  Since she couldn't chew well, I would break them in half , squeeze it so the juice would go in her mouth and down her throat, then let her eat the rest of the pulpy part in hopes to 'push' down the phlegm! Good luck!


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Thank you

I am going to try the cuties. and if he won't eat them I know my kids will they love them... I believe cheese is what makes him gaggy. Haven't had him tested yet, it comes and goes.. Changed his food to grain free, he eats salmon and sweet potato. and he ONLY get carrots at a treat...
Yesterday his sister went into heat - gonna be a fun 3 weeks at my house.....

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i put lemon juice

in tillie's water..........



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