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Has anyone's bully's experienced burps that smell like rotten eggs?

Fatboy has this and I am wondering if it could be related to the intermittent drooling issue he has.  Also, can bulldogs have enzymes and probiotics?  The vet did not give a definitive answer and couldn't figure out why he drools.


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I fed Sophia a tablespoon of plain, non fat yogurt daily.

It is very helpful with digestion. No rotten egg belches from her! 

As far as drooling, a lot of dogs have that issue. If this is something new with Fatboy, I would definitely be concerned about it being a pain response. 

Good to see you here, hope you get some help:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Chester does the drooling thing sometimes...

He drools buckets not just the regular bulldog drools.  His is a sign of stomach distress and we give him pepcid everyday to help prevent it.  He also gets a probiotic daily and plain yogurt and pumpkin.  Generally drooling is a sign of nausea or pain and you can usually tell if they are in pain.  If you use generic pepcid, get the one that starts with an F, I believe it's famatodine.  This is assuming he doesn't have anything stuck in his gums : )

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No experience, but just wanted to say.....

HELLO to you and Fatboy !!!  :)  It's nice to see you again---hope you find a remedy for himz burps, and please tell him

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