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My friend is looking for an easy to use and comfortable harness.  Any advice?

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I like the Daba Doo harnesses

Soft but strong nylon. Here's an example, although too small if it's for a bulldog :)

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I like these from Petco...can I say that?


Mean people still suck

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Are these made for two dogs or did you...

buy a special leash?  We could use one that hooks two together!

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I have a blue leash in the pic, and a doubler for two dogs.  It's [the doubler] adjustable for legnth, has two clasps and a ring and short nylon loop detachable hand leash.



Mean people still suck

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We use ..........

...... an "easy walk" harness. The D ring is in the front and we have found it really help us control Tucker when he pulls. We did use a more traditional harness before the easy walk and it made him a horrific puller. I think we wouldn't have needed the easy walk had I never switched from a collar and leash to a harness. Silly me!


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I use a step in harness an it works great.

but you'll have to figure out what works best for you an your bully.


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