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Happy Birthday Otis!

We celebrated our bulldog Otis' birthday today. He's one year old!

Here he is when we first brought him home:

Here he is today!

Happy Birthday Otis! We love you. :-)


Kelly, Brian, Otis & Pippa

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Happy Birthdat Otis..........

Hope you had a wonderful day an got lots of treats an gifts


Cory & Penelope

Happy Birthday Otis!!!

Enjoy your day...


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Happy Birthday Otis!!

My little Lola turns one next month! 

Happy Birthday big boy


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He's adorabulL!!!

happy birthday big guy!

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happy,happy bday beautiful

happy,happy bday beautiful boy!
hope you ge lots of presies and treats!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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LOL, love the first pic. Happy B'day Otis :)