Happy 10th Birthday, Slugger.

I can't believe that my little baby boy is now my little old man.. 10 years old today. Doesn't seem that long ago that the vet passed him off to me during his Momma's c-section. I knew right away that he was a keeper. Well, Happy Birthday Slugger, we love you like crazy.

About 2 weeks old.  He was a singleton.

Lots of toys to play with. 

My little heart breaker.

A word of advice.  Don't eat the yellow snow.

I told you not to eat the yellow snow.  Yuuuuck!

A birthday pool party.

Nap time.  I'm an old man now and I need my beauty sleep.

My little "Devil Dog."

Sorry about all of the pics.  I can't help myself.  I just love him to death.



He is as handsome/beautiful now as the day he was born

Happy Birthday Slugger!!

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And we love him too!

So, it's the Big 1-0, Slugger.  Hope you had a happy, happy day!!!  I'm sure you got plenty of lovin' and an extra treat or two.



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Happy happy birthday Slugger

You are a cute old man. Lol loos like you had a great birthday there with your pool party. Your just too cute. 



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happy,happy birthday slugger!

happy,happy birthday slugger! hope you get lots of presies and treats!

keep those pics coming he is beautiful!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Happy Birthday Slugger....he is so handsome...

many more to come....


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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There he is!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

YAY Slugger!!  I hope your Birthday is great you handsome devil and many many many more!!!!


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Happy 10th Slugger

He is so handsome.  I hope he enjoys his birthday.


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Happy 10th Birthday Slugger!!

You sure are a handsome boy!!! Hope you had a lovely day:-)


Amy and Sophia

he is gorgeous!!! Happy birthday big guy!

10 years old - I hope Gracie lives that long!!!


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AWWW!!! LOVE all the piks--don't apologize!!! HAPPY 10th

BIRTHDAY, SLUGGER!!!  Oh my goodnessshh.....those puppy piks just melted my heart....

and in his DEVIL costume---soooo ador-a-bull !!!  Glad he had a fun birthday (and, I hope--a NAP!)  :-) 


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