I am looking for a Halloween costume for Brewer but when I look online I can only find costumes in small and medium. Well Brewer is 60lbs and has a 21inch neck so he can not fit into that size. So my question is, anyone have any suggestions on where to find a "large" costume? This is just to show you the size of his head compared to mine. My big ol baby.


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I know that there is a line

I know that there is a line of costumes made for Bulldogs they are by Zelda.

I googled and found a bunch of websites that sell them....here's a link:


I've got my bullie's costume figured out and if my foster is healthy enough, I know what she is going to be too!  Have fun!

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Try human costumes

Several of Stella's costumes were actually todler size.  She was about 45 lbs and wore a 18-month or 2-year most of the time.  Brewer would need a bit bigger because he's such a large and handsome stud.  You might have to hem some sleeves because of the short legs, but duct tape could probably take care of that.  :)

I'm a big fan of the cape for a costume.  Lots of options and easy to fit!

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LOVE the head shots.....LOL! I agree with Celine about

finding alllll kindsa things in the kids' sections--(Meaty wears a boy's L or XL in boys, he weighs 87 lbs.), I also get cute things for Sophie in girl's medium).  Also, do you have PetSmart where you live? They are great about having sizes up tp XXL.....I've also googled "dog costumes 2 X L " before and gotten great results!  Baxter Boo usually has a great selection, also.  Good luck!


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