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Guido's Big Sugar Bud, Brother Can Ya Spare A Dime, and Dottie

Dottie is off work, with carpal tunnel and a neck injury, so I took a pic of her and the boys out front this morning.  We just got back from a walk, as I let them get too fat [namely Brother].  We went about fout or five blocks and Brother was doing the breathing heavy thing for a while when we got home, [bothdogs did and Brother morelongerbut   ] he's going to the vet monday to have a little of his tail removed by laser, and the Vet is all up to date on the ISO gases  and in fact puts a couple bullies under a week. S I'm gonna have his pallet [sp?]checked but not worked on then.   Still I'm a wreck...trying to keep



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Love the picture.

Had to even save it. Hope Dottie is feeling better. Sorry to hear Dottie you are going throw this. 



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cutie patooties!!!i'm sure

cutie patooties!!!

i'm sure he'll be fine sweetie you'll see...

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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LOL looks like my two...

Took them to the dog park yesterday and they were pooped!


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There are my boyz!

What a cute pic of them out with their mummy!

I know what you mean about the surgery - you'll be growing a few more grey hairs in the next few days, trust me!  But sounds like your surgeon really knows what he's doing and your boy will be fine.


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Such happy faces!

Great picture...very cute :)


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It's good to have people with common interests, and that know stuff too.  The walk did the boys in, me too a little, as they do real good on a double lead, till a pole, bush, or tree is in our path, then they pull....a couple trips around the block and they wear down and are out of p anyway,,, it was so pretty here in Indy today, maybe the last warm day for a while.  Dottie is always like that, I guess the dogs are just happy to be with her.  Every kid and Grand-Kid, and GGrand-kid of ours has that smile.....this was around noon, before she found out the Worker's comp company was sending a check, so she's pretty unconcerned by the world....glad she's gonna be with me Monday as I've never had a dog operated on before.  



Mean people still suck