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grrr....!!!not being able to download pics

before you actually had to click to show all replies...
now that all replies are shown on topic posts...we can't download pics...umm...can they change it to the way it was?!
this is REALLY frustrating!

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trying to download Petunia help

I am trying so hard to download my sweetie.  Today is her birthday and I simply can not get this picture posted.  When I upload it works but when I go to insert I hit insert and nothing happens.  What am I doing wrong!  Thanks so much!


Jan, Petunia & Daisy Mae

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Try a different browser.....

I have IE and I can't post pictures, but I can with Safari.


Cathy & Zimmer



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Same here for Chigger and I.

Same here for Chigger and I. please go back to what it was before.