Growing pains

Has anyone every experienced growing pains with their puppy. It happened with our Rotty years ago, Then I took my one bulldog to the vet around 9 months old because I thought he was limping, they found nothing wrong and he grew out of it... Now my other 9 month old pup has had a problem getting up, once she is up, watch out, she's running and jumping with the other dogs... I've read about growing pains and I know they have to "grow" out of it. Just wondering if anyone out there has had this problem too! If so what did you do for your dog.

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With some pups...

too much protein in the food can cause them to grow too fast, I believe it's called Pano (pano-osteitis, I know that's spelled wrong).  You can google pano and read about it.  One of our boys had this when he was a puppy and it caused him to limp for months.  That's one reason why puppy food is not recommended for breeds that grow fast, especially our bullies.  We always try to keep the protein under 25% now and haven't had any more problems with pups.  

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Neutering at 6 months

Unfortunatley we had to get our six month old Bully neutered today.  He was starting to get aggressive towards our older female bulldog and after talking with our vet we felt we had no choice but to get him neutered now.  I really wanted to wait until he was at least one year old so he could develop more.  He is already 43lbs so I dont expect him to be small but worried he might end up smaller now compared to waiting. Obviusly no turning back now and we had to think about what was best for him and Georgia but I just hope this helps.

Here is how he looked when we got in car to go to the vet.  He had to of known what was coming.....


Took Ethel to the Vet

and apparently she is a big too fat!!!! She weighs the same as her big brother... not growing pains, just big hips!! LOL.... We have to start adult food and we have to cut back on it a bit... My girls will eat so much more then my boy!