Grain Free Treats

A few months ago I switched Brewers dog food from Royal Canin over to Fromm surf and turf. Fromm also makes an off brand called American Natural Premium which is the same as the surf and turf but cheaper so I use half of fromm and half of ANP. But when looking at treats that were grain free I couldn't believe the price, so I did some researching. Well I found a recipe that was a total of 5$ to make and it made 90 treats. And the best part was that it is Brewer approved. He loved them. Just thought I would share just in case anyone else is interested.


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I'm always looking inti good stuff for Penelope

what site did you find it on, or what is it ???????
Thanks in advanced...


Cory & Penelope

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Me too...

Do you have a link or a recipe?  Costco had really good grain free treats, they were in a big box and were $9.99.  They decided to not carry them anymore, so they lowered the price to $2.00 a box and I think I bought about 30 boxes, pretty much all they had in the store, it took two shopping carts to get them to the check out.  I donated a few to our animal shelter and the boys ate the rest, so we're getting pretty low on GF treats!

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thank you for BOTH tips....I've heard GREAT things abou Fromm,

so it's cool that you're able to mix it w/ the other.  As far as the treats, YES! I **NEED** to make fresh treats for my babies!  I have been

giving them fresh roasted sweet potatoes (they LOVE 'em!), but we always buy the processed/ overpriced grain-free, chicken-free treats

at the pet store$$$......Gotta make my own!  Thanks for reminding me!  :-) 


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