Goopy Eyes

All 3 of my dogs wake up with goopy eyes in the morning. Mostly the two bulldogs... any suggestions, trying to stay away from the vets office... I feel like I see him too much!!! (3 dogs ya know)

We've had goopy eyes.

My vet told me to give her benedryl, or an allergy med like Claritin.  I had benedryl on hand.  It really helped.   He told me to give her (2) 25mg. twice daily, or 1/2 Claritin once daily. Hope that helps.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)




I've been giving Fred Benadryl, he is in the middle of an allergy thing right now anyway, cysts between the toes, usually a couple days of Benadryl and it all goes away, and his eyes have been pretty good.... It's Ethel's eyes that have been bad, I gave her a Benadryl this morning before I left for work... I will give her one tonight before bed and see how she is in the morning.... Thanks again - fingers crossed...