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Good News

Yesterday I was worried about the lump on PollyAnna's leg.  The vet said that he was not worried about it because that he felt it was a Cyst.  YAY!!  But he was worried about her weight...  seems like she has packed on 84 pounds which he feels she is 20 pounds over weight..YIKES...  OK she is on a diet!  Thanks for the well wishes!


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Yay! I knew it!

Thanks for the update.

And for Polly's sake, diets start after Christmas :)

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Very good news, except for the weight (and diet). Our

bully Otis is only 55 pounds at 18 months, but I'm sure he'll add a few more pounds as he gets older and more sedentary.

Our vet said that bullies tend to put on a few pounds during the summer since they stay inside more and don't get as much exercise. In the winter when the temps cool off and they can get outside and run around more without getting overheated, they tend to drop a few pounds.


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PollyAnna is a couch potato

Her favorite thing is to lounge on her throne AKA the recliner and stare outside. She is 7 so she is middle age and tends to pack on more weight. Her vet though has just lost 80 pounds and is on a health kick and tends to think his customers need to be thin too. He has fat on the brain...


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wonderful news!yikes about

wonderful news!yikes about her weight...but i'm sure you'll figure it out!

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snmoochies the scrunchy face

snmoochies the scrunchy face

great news!

wow she doesn't look 80 lbs!

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That are really good news!

And I hope you start your diet AFTER christmas, PollyAnna! ;)

Have a great day!

Suse & Lulu/Germany


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Happy to hear.....

Zimmer has had a small bump on his thigh area for years, vet said not to even worry about it :)


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