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Good Morning!

Just wanted to wish everyone a good morning! Seems like I cannot post photos here anymore. I have Internet Explorer at work and I cannot upgrade it myself. Until the problem is resolved here you can view the adventures of PollyAnna and Olive on FB. I sure miss the old Network 64 version of BDW. Have a great day I will be lurking! :-)


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Hi Angela!

I know, what a mess about posting photos. Makes me so mad:-(.

Have a great day today! Hug those beautiful babies for me!


Amy and Sophia

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Good Morning to you beautiful Ladies.

I hope they fix it two and soon. Before we lose all of our friends. Oh well I know where to find you but the others who can't post pictures I will truly miss.'



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oh blah!i have the same

oh blah!i have the same friggin problem!
but you made me smile-have a nice day also sweetie!
smoochies the scrunchy faces

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Well poo

I will miss them... I don't have Facebook.

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I will try to post at home some

I have Google Chrome there :-)


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