getting serious puppyitis!!

Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a long time because I still cannot downloand pictures......:( but I just had to share - I just found out Gracie's mom is pregnant again! She is due in March and Im seriously considering getting another bully! Gracie just turned 2 and she is the best dog I have ever owned! My only concern do you train a puppy and also have an adult dog? Is it really difficult? I have never owned more than one dog so Im curious to hear about other people's experiences. Any advice would be helpful!

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you go girl!lol i'm sure

you go girl!lol
i'm sure gracie would make an excellent big sister!

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I've heard it's actually a lot easier

If you have an old one. Puppies will always be a handful, but I hear that the older one tends to "train" the pup on things like "we pee and poop outside" and we "don't bite". I have no personal experience with this but that's the scuttlebutt.

I'm with Pegsy, if you can afford it (always a concern with bulldogs), go for it!!

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It's not hard at all.

Loulou was already two, she has been spayed and a friend shows up at my door one night and handed me her puppy Yorkie. She was scared to death of this tiny dog. Loulou took it in like it was hers. After a month and everyone getting to fall for this little guy. I took him home. Loulou slept and cuddle the little guy. My Yorkie at the time didn't want any part of him. He was an old man. Loulou would of been a great mom. Funny thing was this is the only yorkie who now walks around with his tongue out. Yes just like a bulldog. We still laugh when we see him now. At the time I had three dogs. My American Bulldog took the the little guy two. I think two dogs are better than one. Even if its another breed. They need a friend. 



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Adults are big help

IMO with training puppies because they can kind of puppy sit. They can show the puppy the ropes, so to speak. I've always used an adult to help leash train, both on a walk at the same time.

They still do those puppy things like chewing and potty accidents, but I think it is easier with an adult.

Just make sure they both get their own time and you Gracie gets to have time away from the puppy. IMO crate training both is invaluable so they can have their own time together.

Since you have a girl I would get a male. Bitches can be very difficult together, unless your girl has no issues with other dogs. I just find the girls as being much more "bitchy" and possessive then the boys.

thanks everyone!

I am definitely getting a male because gracie is not liking the females. I think she will make a great big sister. Now I just have to convince my husband!! I think the puppy memories of Gracie are still fresh in his head. It is a ton of work to have a puppy but it does go by fast. Before I knew it Gracie was totally house trained, stopped biting people, stopped chewing on furniture. She is such a great dog. I will keep you all posted!!!! :)