Does anyone use a Furminator with their bulldog?

If so which one (size) and how often? 


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I love my Furminator!!

I have 2 large breed, long haird dogs so have the large, long hair Furminator. I use it on Sophia with no problem!


Amy and Sophia

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I use it all the time for our boys...

I even bought one to donate to the shelter I volunteer for.  They are wonderful.  I found mine on Amazon though, lots cheaper than petsmart or pet stres.  Just be sure it says Furminator on it.

I have used it for years

on Kofi. I have the large one. In the beginning, I probably used it two or three times a week. She was never a big shedder. It doesn't take much, and be careful not to press too hard.

They are great!


Kofi and Carol