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Fun in the morning sun! Dropping by to say "Hi!" along with some pics of Jazzy and Porky!

Hope everyone is have a great week! Sorry we have been MIA! We have been lurking, praying for all that need it and are sending lots of bully hugs and smooches too!

Jazzy hanging on the deck with the plants! You can barely see Pork behind the ornamental grass! lol

Love these pups!! Jazzy is just taking in that sun!

My sweet Porky!

Jazzy loves to sit by the flowers!
Thanks for looking!!

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Love those pups!! Jazzy in the flowers is so pretty!!!


PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom


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Jazzy loves to be by the flowers...I love it because I can usually get some really cute shots!

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awww its great to see you the pics


hope that you guys are well


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Yes, I am a slacker....but I did post again today!

Things are great are you and my gang?!

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I'm sure they love hanging on the deck. :)


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Yes they do!

Thank you!

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It's so good to see Jazzy and Porkchop!!!

I have missed you guys! Good to see those sweet pups enjoying the sunny day:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Hey! Missed you too!

How is everything going?

Gorgeous photos........................

thanks for sharing. 


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Thank you!

Love your signature pic!!

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so sweet!

Don't you just love the turkey leg poise? I can't help but smile when Emma does the same thing....

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Beautiful!smoochies the


smoochies the scrunchy faces