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Found a lump on PollyAnna.. ugghh

Lump a 4-letter word that scares me to no end when it comes to one of my girls.. PollyAnna has had two scares already with lumps and even though they came back benine the sutures seemed to get infected even with antibiotics.  Ughh.. oh well back to the vet for another needle aspiration... need good vibes...


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Sorry to hear about that. A stress you don't need for the Holidays...

But, on a positive note, if she's had them before and nothing's come of it, the odds are it's nothing again. She may just have a propensity for this particular type of growth.

Pawsitive thoughts to both of you!

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Thanks Celine!

On Christmas Eve in 2010 we had to deal with her sutures coming loose from her neck wound where she had a lump removed. Hope this isnt the case this year..


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I say no

It shall not come to pass!

(that's my Gandalf moment of the year, I saved it up for you ladies)

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i'm w/celine on

i'm w/celine on need for stress sweetie...

positive thoughts,prayers and energy sent your way!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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I'm with Celine, it's Christmas so she is going to be fine...

because we said so....

thoughts coming your way...


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Vancouver, Canada

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AW, lots of prayers for Polly girl.

Keep us posted on what you find. May it be just as benign as the others.


Amy and Sophia