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Hi y'all,

I am trying to find a good food to feed my 11 month old bulldog. I believe she has a grain allergy, so grain free is preferable. So far we have tried Blue Wilderness & Natural Balance (I don't think she liked the Natural Balance, she has not been eating very much of it when I feed her and she is very food driven).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am willing to pay a little bit more as I think feeding your bulldog a good brand of food is worth it.


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Lots of options

and everyone will give a different response. No one brand works best it really is trial and error and each dog is individual. Watch the protein level try to stay around 25% or less. I feed raw but when I was feeding kibble the last brand I fed and had good luck with was "Now" grain free made by PetCurean.

Others to try -


natures variety instinct

we went through many dog foods before we found this. It's the limited ingredient lamb and it's grain free and has worked awesome with Gracie. She is the june bulldog of the month so you can see her picture on the main page. Her coat is beautiful now, she doesn't itch anymore, it really has done wonders for her! It's expensive but completely worth it! good luck!!

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We feed....

 Tucker "now" by Petcurean. It's grain free and has a protein level that works. Good luck!


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Hill's has a new line out called Ideal Balance, they have grain free. 

Look into it, it's been working wonders for our baby Miss Piggy. 


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