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Food advice and pics of Franklin!

Hi everyone, we were finally able to pick up our Franklin over the weekend. He's such a sweetheart but wow, he keeps me busy! I forgot how much work training a puppy can be. :) 

I was wondering what everyone feeds their bullie babies. We had Winston on Nutro for all of his life and it worked for him but we want to go grain free for Franklin. RAW is not an option at this time. Would love some advice. 

And without further delay, here is Franklin!

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Franklin is so cute and tiny.  Take lots of pictures because they get big so fast.  We have given our bullies Natural Balance and they have done fine on that.


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Thanks Sarah! Is this good

Thanks Sarah! Is this good for their coat? I'm cherishing every second that Franklin is this size. We got our first bullie at 7 1/2 weeks old and I can't even remember him being that size. ;)

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It says it is...

We haven't had any issues with the coats; they are nice and shiny.  Our two english bullies we had ate the duck and potato (one had several food allergies) and now our two frenchies eat the alpha fish formula.    The fish formula does tend to smell a little more when it comes out the other end. :)  I know Natural Balance is for any dog any age.  Hope you find a good food that Franklin likes.


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Franklin is a doll!

What a sweet face & cute tail. Sorry no help on the food....I can't remember what I fed Zimmer back then!


Cathy & Zimmer




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Can't help

I got loulou at 14 months. But shat a baby you got. Have fun. 



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what a cutie!!

sorry, no food help here.......



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OMG so precious!!!

I wish I took more pictures and videos of Gracie when she was a puppy.  It's hard to imagine her that small!  Anyway, I fed Gracie Nutro as a puppy and she did great but as she got older I had to switch a couple of times. Grain free was definitely the way to go for her.   Now she eats Natures Variety Instinct limited ingredient lamb kibble.  It's great for allergies, ultra sensitive stomachs......she absolutely loves it and her coat is beautiful. 

Best of luck with your new addition - Im jealous!!


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Thank you! Instinct is one of

Thank you! Instinct is one of the brands I was looking into. Will give it a try :)

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cutie patootie!!! love the

cutie patootie!!! love the name also!!!

smoochies the scruncy face

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Thanks! I He's too much :)

Thanks! I He's too much :)

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So cute...how adorabull and I love the name..



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Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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Thanks Cathy! :) He's the

Thanks Cathy! :) He's the devil in disguise at the moment lol