Food for 8 week old puppy.

Hello guys! I got my new baby home yesterday and I have a question for you guys. The breeder has my boy Zeus on ekenuba small breed small bites and had me watering it down for 5 before serving it to him. I totally trust her , she is listed on this forum as a breeder but I really don't like the ekenuba dog food for him. My 6 year old is on natural balance and it's always been good for him. So guess my question is , can I switch my baby to natural balance now and keep the soaking in water for 5  minutes  without problems? Or should I stick with the ekenuba? Forgot , he's 8 weeks old and she says keep him on ekenuba puppy small bites until 18 weeks. 

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If you do switch...

If you switch, do it slowly, changing the percent of your current food to the new food over the course of a week or two.

Why are you wetting down the food? Is there a certain reason?

Because. the breeder I bought

Because. the breeder I bought him from told me to keep doing it.. 

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Your pup is able to chew up his kibble...

It will help strengthen his little teeth and will keep his gums clean. But I agree, a better good is a good idea. You can go to a good, grain free adult food. Puppy food isn't really necessary for bully babies, as long as they are on a good, healthy dry kibble. I feed Blue Buffalo to my big dogs, Castor and Pollux to my Bully girl Sophia. 


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Yes go ahead and change him

to the Natural Balance.  You can mix with his old food for a week and he is old enough that he doesn't need food soaked anymore.  His little razor teeth are plenty sharp to eat kibble.  The crunch really helps the teething process and too keep his gums nice and tough.