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Hi- I seriously put more thought into what my dog eats than my own food, which is a problem.

On that note, I'm trying to find a grain free food that has a protein level that is  25% or under. No lamb or chicken. She's has been on TOTW salmon for a long time, but I want to try something new.  Molly recently developed tear stains and yeast in her nose wrinkle so I want to see if a food switch helps but also want to add some variety to her diet. 

I'm leaning towards Now grain free food, but am worried because the main protein is turkey.  Also I saw that California naturals has grain free foods. People often advise against that brand for some reason, but the ingredient list looks okay.  Any thoughts? Thanks!


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We feed....

Tucker "Now" and have had no problems but he doesn't have any allergies that we know of. I liked the ingredient list and it's made here in Canada. It's not cheap but it works for Tucker! Good luck :)


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Natural Balance duck/potato is about 25% protein...

we've had great success with it, no tear stain, itchies or any other problems.  For the first time we have all three of our guys on the same food!

Rugby loves his Beef Frittata Veg...

from Fromm:

Not cheap, but its grain free (30% protein) but all natural and includes extensive veggies, and is Corn, wheat and by-product free. Rugs doesn't have tear stains or anything and gobbles it up...