Flying your bully?

I'm new to this forum, but not to the awesome breed.

I need to ship my adult male, AKC Championed bully from Boston to Atlanta to the breeders I co-own with.  I've never shipped before. Usually my bullies just travel with me in my car, but I do not have time off work to be able to make the long journey back south this time.

All of the airlines that I've checked with have restrictions on snub nosed animals or they have a 25lb weight limit and seem to be geared more towards shipping puppies. 

I understand the reasons behind the snub nosed restrictions.  I wouldn't ever consider flying my girl as she's always had health problems and was rescued from someone that bred for profit and didn't care about the breed or their health. My boy, however, is the picture of health and vets always comment on how great his nasal airway is opened up, etc--unlike a lot of bullies they see.  He is the product of responsible breeding and, as a result, doesn't have the typical bulldog snoring and other typical breathing issues.  I mention that simply to say, I have reason not to be overly concerned about his breathing during flight.  As long as I can ship him before the weather gets warm, he'll likely sleep the entire flight.

Does anyone know of any airline or company that will ship bullies right now?  Or does anyone know of a company that travels with them by vehicle?


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Are you shipping him for breeding?

Couldn't you collect the semen and ship that instead?  It would be a lot safer for him.  I know nothing about breeding, but I've heard of this being done.

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Contact your

local bulldog club to see if anyone is traveling to shows that could transport your dog. I know Dara Carr has in the past said she knew of a ground transport she might recommend. Maybe you or your co-owner know her. I would recommend air travel as a last resort.