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Hello Everyone,

Ozzy has entered our family exactly one week ago and we feel blessed. I live in New York City and on Christmas I have to go visit my parents in Chicago. My partner will stay in the city, so our bully can stay with him but we figured that if I take him with me, Ozzy will be so much happier. My partner will be working while in Chicago I will be home mostly all days.
I never had a dog before and I have never went through the process of taking a pet with me. Ozzy was shipped to us by the breeder from Florida and had a stop over in Chicago. The whole trip itself was about 6 hours and he did fine. Please, avoid any negative comment. I don't share the view of shipping a pet either. We are  a nice family and we give him lots of love.

Now my question is. He will be 3 months and a half by Chirstmas.

The flight is only 2 hours and half from NYC to CHICAGO.

Do you think it is ok for him to come with me? Or it will be too much of a stress? Perhaps he could come to the cabin with me?

Which airlines do you suggest?

Thank you very much for your time and suggestions! 

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He may be young enough for the plane, but

1) it's at Christmas and many airline personell may not be paying as much attention to the animals flying as they should. I don't know if I'd trust them around my bulldog.

2) Some airlines will not fly bulldogs.

3) Bulldogs can have more trouble on planes than other breeds with breathing, panic, temp changes and pressure.

4) If you drive, it should take only 12 hours, including some pitstops, meals for both of you and gas stops.

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Air travel

Good morning,

you ask a lot of great questions and I don't know if I can help but will try. I fly a lot with work and I take Emma with me. There are situations where I will drive and not fly and those are based on the time of year. At Xmas the airline I use will not accommodate dogs because they are so busy and realize they don't have the staff to give them the attention they need. I won't fly in the heat of the summer either. I book first flight in the morning as it is cooler and quieter. 

Also check with airline what temperature and air pressure the cabin is where they transport live animals. 

Emma does well. I have never had a problem but am cutting back lately because she will be eight next month and I don't want any undue stress on her.  I fly a Canadian company called westjet.  I will never fly with her on any other airline. They are great.  The first time I flew with them I asked the stewardess if she had the means to check that Emma was safe on board. She came back 10 minutes later with the pilots iPhone with a picture of Emma snug in her kennel smiling for the camera. 

If the pup is small enough then I would take them on board with me. You know they will be fine if they are where you are. If I could I would always have her with me but they have weight restrictions for pets flying in cabin.

Good luck. I know it's a tough decision. Just do as much research as you can. 

If Ozzy could ride in the cabin with you, I would consider it.

Otherwise the risks are to great for me to ever take a chance of putting my dog in cargo.  I have heard and read to many horror stories of airline mishaps and the flying of any smoosh faced dog.  I wish you the best in your decision, but please think of his well being and not just yours.


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My bulldog died in 1999 on a flight from Puerto Rico to NY

Please check and read all the deaths that occur on airlines.  If you can drive, do so. If he is small enough to fit in travel bag in cabin only, take him, otherwise, please keep him safe at home with someone you trust completely. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I was tramatized for several years after that incident.