Fingers crossed

I filled out an application for a gonna be 5 year old male bulldog from a rescue in MI. (7 and 1/2 hour drive but will be worth it if I am approved) He is rare color tho. I have not seen before. He is described as a chocolate merle color. Also has blue eyes. Has anyone Seen this color before?


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oooh good luck!!!! and for

oooh good luck!!!! and for sure we wanna see pics!
blue are quite rare indeed!hope it REALLY works out for you!!!and we wanna see pics!!!

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Good luck!

Sounds like he's not a "breed compliant" guy. But since you're not getting him to breed, I say who cares!

Someone on here has a dog with one blue eye.

He sounds lovely. By the sounds of his looks, he might well be a mix, maybe even some pitbull. If that concerns you, I'd ask before you got too attached.

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sooo happy that you're rescuing a sweet baby!!! I've seen

maybe ONE bully (from a photo on this board) who has black in their is unusual, (and sooo pretty!)

I am so happy for you and hope you get approved......I ALWAYS tell people to check out rescuing when they

say they want a bully but can't afford them......(we meet SOO many people who say this!)  I'd love to rescue

a doggie (or two!) also, but hubbs isn't on board yet  :-) 


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I know it's probably not 100

I know it's probably not 100 % acurate, but the rescue states that he is purebreed. Am I allowed to tell you where he is so you can see pictures of him?