Hi there,

i have a male and female British bulldogs,they both grew up together and are 20 months old. She has gone on season last July , noticed a couple of weeks ago they started fighting every so often and usually late in the afternoon. Is there a reason for this?

Alfa pistion. Bullies will do

Alfa pistion. Bullies will do that to one another. There fighting for house hold male while your gone. To stop this You need to show them your Alfa of this house even when your not home. If you don't they will be very ruff to your home (Distroy) and with people as well, as they get older. You don't want that, TRUST! me.... My buddy had this exact same issue, The faster you can show your Alfa the better, especially for them. Best of Luck to ya.  

I don't believe the fights

I don't believe the fights between them iso ver mating. Which Bully is starting the fight? The Male one or Female? and is the fighting around lunch time, dinner time? Try and keep track of when they fight, like is it an hour or so before feeding and what the fight is around, like bedding area, they'll fight to be the one closes to you durig sleep time. It could be from a number of thing why their fighting. Am not there to see why, but I can give you somethings that I know might cause them to fight. When your able to pin point the fight times, message me back with what you've notice, I might be able to help with it.