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a few heartfelt words from the heart...

to my extended bulldogsworld family,

first off let me begin by saying those who participated in the bulldogs christmas card exchange...

wow!!!those were really amazing cards w/your beloved bullies...thank you for letting me participate

considering my archie is no longer here..for those who have rec'd or about to...i decided something a little low key for the obvious reasons. certainly has been quite a year...mine as you all know started pretty horrible in the about the third week of january-the

unthinkable happened and i honestly don't know how i would've made it w/out the support of my family,friends and esp. everyone

in here...i got my archie a month after i separated and he was the best therapy i could've gotten and losing him unexpectedly after 17 months was

truly a shot through the heart,at the time someone told me that he was brought into my life for a reason and since he did what he was suppose to

do...he completed his cycle...(if you ask me he had still cycles to go had it not been for that butcher -but that's a whole other story! )


in short,what started off pretty heartbreaking is ending i'd say quite joyous...

my bf and i are expecting our first child in early july 2013 and on dec.26 we are going for my first ultrasound to hear our baby's heartbeat!!!


wishing everyone the happiest of holidays w/your families and beloved scrunchy faces and may 2013 bring above all health,happiness,peace and

prosperity to all!

p.s i also hinted that along w/a new baby we should also get a new bully...these things should go hand in hand  ;) ,of course i shall keep

everyone posted!xo


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Hey, congrats!!

It's been a big year for you! Wow!!!

Glad 2012 is finishing off with a happy event for you.

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(((hugs))) thnq so much

(((hugs))) thnq so much celine!

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Get the bulldog first so it'll be there to welcome the new baby.

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(((hugs))) thnq-lol...i'm

(((hugs))) thnq-lol...i'm working on that part first actually!!!

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I am so happy for you, what a wonderful present

for Christmas....big hugs to you both...


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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(((hugs)))thnq so much!

(((hugs)))thnq so much!

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(((hugs))thnq ash! smoochies

(((hugs))thnq ash!
smoochies the scrunchy faces pls!

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Congratulations Pegsy! What wonderfully exciting news!!!

A new baby. How fantastic for you both! And of COURSE you need a Bully to raise that baby! They do go hand in hand!


Amy and Sophia

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(((hugs)))thnq amy my

(((hugs)))thnq amy my sentiments exactly about a new bully! ;)


I'm sorry I couldn't put a picture in with our card this year. Remy decided he wanted to eat my camera before I could get a pic of them sitting in front of the tree.

Here's hoping that you get two new babies and they can grow up together. Archie is at the bridge with a big smile on his face knowing that you are happy!!! Believe that

loves ya


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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(((hugs)))thnq doll,lol...tell tem they owe me a pic!!!

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Congratulations. Stay positive :)


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(((hugs))) thnq!

(((hugs))) thnq!

wow.................this is a great story!

congrats to you..................what a blessing!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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(((hugs))) thnq sweetie!

(((hugs))) thnq sweetie!

Good things happen to good people. Congratulations!!!!


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(((Hugs))) thnq sweetie!

(((Hugs))) thnq sweetie!

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Pegsy, that is such wonderful news!! And a furry brother or sister would only make your little family that much happier.


Monica, Maude and Gus

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thnq so much

thnq so much sweetie,(((hugs))) yes i know the family would be complete w/a furry lil one! ;)

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What wonderful news about the baby

i know what a rough time it has been for you with losing Archie. He would be so happy for you. I am so very happy for you. Merry Christmas my friend. xo

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(((hugs)))thnq so much

(((hugs)))thnq so much sweetie and happy holidays to you and your family as well,lots of smoochies to emma pls!

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So happy for both of you!  What a great gift.


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(((hugs)) thnq so much

(((hugs)) thnq so much ash!
smoochies the scrunchy faces pls!