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feel stupid; can't figure out how to post pic



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It took me six years to figure out how to upload.

I can do it, but I can't explain it. I'm sure someone will help.

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Try a different browser,

other than Internet Explorer, like Safari or Firefox. The icon to post pictures should be there.


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awww.....don't be so hard on yourself! I can try to help....

do you have the photo posted on a hosting website?  (I assume you do because of that CUTE photo

you already have in your message)

(I'm not sure if THIS is the help you need, but I'll try)

I use "Photobucket"---

Once the photo is uploaded, you click on "properties"----make sure it ends in "img"

Then you come back over here, paste, and VOILA---it should have a long URL which will then turn into your photo.


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Its true

I was having the same problem an Archys mom told me to use photo bucket an boom. I post all the time now..........


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