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Fatboy went into the vet this weekend. He had aspiration pneumonia (again).

It was 100 F the day I took him, and my car was so hot inside. I can't exactly let my car run to cool down while I have him inside the office; my car would be stolen. Any suggestions on how to transition him from office to car without the risk of heat stroke?


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Cool Coat + Cool collar

with a crate and a fan. 2nd set of keys, to leave the car running with the air on.

Has he had palate surgery?

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I leave the car running with the air on and..

just have a second set of keys to unlock the door :)

Hope Fatboy does OK :)




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No palate surgery. The vet said he doesn't need it.

My husband went by himself on one occasion and the vet said his palate looked good.  I'm not sure how he assessed this as I thought the only way to tell was if they were put under.  Is this not true?  Thank you for the cool coat/collar recs! I will definitely look into these.


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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feel better

soon buddy!!!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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That darn pneumonia is sometimes hard to get rid of!

Those bugs like to just linger on.  I hope Fatboy gets to feeling better real soon.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers!  Keep cool big guy!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Ice Ice baby....

You could always have some cold packs in a small cooler with you for hot days that he could lay on or against.  Or some frozen wash clothes if you worry about him chewing.  Her is how the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA keeps UGA cool on warm days.


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I really like the ice bag idea. Plus Fatboy will think he's

in treat heaven too lol


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Could you cool down the car

while he waits inside the vets office, then park right in front and then run in to get him?

Hope he feels better soon.


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Poor Guy!!! ((( hugs))) Also, the staff at our vets' offices

are always MORE than willing to hold Meaty and/or Sophie inside while I go outside and cool that car DOWN!!!  We'll be praying for FatBoy.....poor wittle guy!!!!  


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