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Fatboy update (and new problem)

So the vet prescribed Enrofloxacin, which I've been told is a pretty strong antibiotic.  Fatboy is doing very well on it.  A lot better than when they gave him cephalexin (he would throw up or have an upset tummy on this stuff).  He's also been given Prednisone and Aller-Chlor.  His breathing sounds a lot better.  However now I see he's got greenish/yellowish gunk around his eyes, nose, and inside his folds.  Can someone please tell me what this is?  I've used a medicated shampoo in his folds, but it keeps coming back. 

It's a little harde to see in his folds in this picture

He rubs his face into the ground a lot.  The vet said alleriges are cauing him to rub his face, which makes the eye gunk appear.  But I'm not buying it.  This seems to be more than allergies.  Any thoughts would help.  Thank you.


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I think it could be the meds.

My Rescuse Gummy was Blind and they had him on some eyes drops.  And it did the same thing. Fat boy not taking eyes drops I know. But the vet said with Gummy his Meds would do that. It looks the same as what Gummy look like. How ever I lost Gummy beat when they try to remove his eye. But have or call your vet. With Gummy he was blind in both eyes. So it didn't matter to him. He was such a happy bullie. 



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aww....sweet wittle guy!!! (( hugs )), I don't have any helpful

knowledge to share, but wanted to send you and Fatboy some ((( hugs ))) that he gets better!!!  


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