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So I took Fatboy for a follow up as I thought his bladder stones had passed.  I was right; no more struvite crystals.  This time the vet took x-rays to make sure.  However she did find a small mass that may be an enlarged prostrate or cancer.  He's on antibiotics to reduce there possible prostrate issue.  If it doesn't reduce, then we may be dealing with cancer.  I'm hopeful though because he's so playful and happy.  For those who have dealt with cancer in their bully's, what can I expect to see?  The x-ray showed the mass as the size of a 1/2 dollar.  


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

prayers for fatboy

he is one of my absolute favorites on this forum.  Im saying a a little bulldog prayer that it's nothing serious :)

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No experience with cancer

I just wanted to say that I will keep Fatboy in my thoughts and prayers. He has always been one of my favorite boys.


Monica, Maude and Gus

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Very sorry

I'm very sorry to hear about fatboy. It has not been very long since we lost our Rebel to a cancer. What I can say is all cancers are very different. Try to see an oncologist. Write down all of your options and weigh the pros and cons. Research online and find a support group specific to your kind of cancer. A group like that gave me some alternative therapy ideas that I know gave me extra days with my boy. It also helps when people know what you are going through. Be honest with your vet about your expectations, what you value, and your budget. We never want to think about money, but it is a real stressor. If the prognosis is poor, think about the end now. Talk about with the family. We did that and it made Rebel's goodbye all about him--we weren't focused on details; just our baby. Finally, trust yourself. No one knows or loves fatboy more than you. You have to make the best choices you can based on that love and move forward. Don't second guess; don't look back.

Sending prayers your way. I hope you don't need this advice!

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So sorry to hear this...

you must be worried sick.  If your vet thinks it is cancer, which it may not be, definitely look into an oncologist.  We've been through it several times, one with lymphoma and one with a mass in the chest.  If chemo is an option, it is much easier on dogs than it is in humans.  Oscar had chemo for almost 8 months and they were pretty good months for him, he felt pretty good except for a few stomach issues.  Good luck, crossed fingers for a good news.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts................

I have not experienced cancer with a furbaby, but I know your love for Fatboy will see him through this!  Our prayers are with you!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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glad you are feeling better buddy!!

hope the other stuff is an aberration. hugs!!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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Oh no!

Sorry to hear that... hope the meds work!

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Hoping for the best.

Hope the antibotics are all that are needed. Kisses to Fatboy.

Sending positive thoughts to Fatboy...

Hope the antibiotics work.