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Fatboy has really bad allergies.

Seasonal and food. Are there any other bullies out there experiencing seasonal allergies?


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Our Oscar had an allergy to bermuda grass...

every spring when it was germinating he would scratch himself bloody.  He also had food allergies that would cause vomiting.  We finally got him on duck/potato and he didn't seem to be allergic to that.  It's not fun to deal with, we had to try many different kinds of antihistamines and tried to avoid steroids.

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Sophia has seasonal allergy issues.

Mostly if she gets into the wrong kind of grass or there is a flea anywhere in the vicinity. SHe has a horrid reaction to even one flea, and our yard is usually full of them. 


Amy and Sophia

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Yeah, Kibby has had red eyeball again, it's kinda

Runny, her folds are damp... We have been having a lot of rain lately, I wipe them off good... But with the heater blasting, her skin has been irritating her, she has been dandruffy too.  I can't figure if its allergies or weather, or temperature, or food or what right now... Been giving benerdryl, and a bath, hopefully it will help. I hate it when bullies are feeling yucky , it makes me obsess over ' the cause...' as I m sure other psycho bully parents do!


sincerely, christine

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Christine - you might want to

Christine - you might want to try adding a heaping tsp of coconut oil to each feeding. My dogs had dry skin (dandruff flakes) and within a month of adding the coconut oil their fur is plush and skin is healthy.

I know my house is really dry right now, since we're running the furnance non-stop, but they coats & skin are fabulous.

I use organic virgin coconut oil (buy on Amazon) but I know they sell it at stores like Costco....

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Thanks, I will try it!

Vet time too.. I just saw that Kibby has some kind of super dryness, crusty, but then mooshy earwax ... Infection? I have never seen her ear this bad before, maybe that's whys causing her eye problem too.... Hope I can get in the vet today to fix this before the holiday. I cleaned it but I don't think cleaner is enough this time.. It's like she has dry skin patches inside her ear? 


sincerely, christine

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Baron gets super itchy on his belly every summer....

I haven't found out what it is, but as soon as the weather gets warm he gets itchy...I put cool towels on his belly that seems to help.


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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OMG our dog seemed allergic to everything; got on solid gold dog

food and no more skin, ear, hotspots or itching ever again...that was nine years ago and 3 dogs ago,....won't ever feed anything else...


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