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Extremely hyper and sometimes aggressive when playing?

Heya Lola is 10 months old and I realise she is definatly still a puppy but when we play indoor sometimes she really redlines and gets crazy hyper and sometimes she gets aggressive while doing it. I dont mean like growling and biting to wound but enough that it hurts and I have to end the play time.

We have at the least an hour of walking in one day but it still seems she will get crazy hyper sometimes to the point that she will hurt me.

Is this just part of her still being a puppy? Or she just has too much brawn and not enough brain LOL Im kidding. But she is sooo strong!


If it makes u feel any better I have the same issue with CHAPO. When he knows we´re home, he´s just super hyper barking at the doors so we let him in, today he got a hold of some of my wife´s clothes that were hangin on the line outside; well not much of them left hahahah, thought she was gonna have a fit, but now I know she loves him she just said "oh well." I was like WTF!!! Super surprised by her reaction. But yeah when we play fetch, he can get really possesive of his tennis ball and won´t let go, he´ll kinda charge at me and hit me in the leg with his head I think its funny; but I guess its just the BULL in the BULLDOG that sometimes wants out. I wouldn´t worry just as she always knows who the BOSS is and thats where a loud and firm NOOO!!! comes in, loud enough to catch her attention, all you need is one.

Good Luck and I´m sure she´ll start to calm down sooner than later. WE HOPE.

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Penelope sometimes does the same thing when playing

She'll be great most of the time but every once in awhile she go nuts. but when I give her the loud "NO" "DOWN" she stops but she still want to play, but I don't just to show her that its not cool an she seems to understand because it used to happen all the time when she was a little pup an now it only happens once in a blue moon. mind you she still goes crazy an runs around like a maniac but no biting. I think its just a growing an learning thing.


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You are adopting the right approach

She still doesn't quite know her strength or the limits of play. You are right to stop play when she gets too rough. Ending the fun is the worst thing possible for a pup, so she'll get the message.

When you are playing, and she starts to get too frisky, shove a toy in her mouth. This will communicate that she can be rough on a toy but not rough on YOU. If she keeps pushing and nipping at you, that's when you drop everything, turn around and walk away, adding a firm "no".

By showing her the toy first, she'll start to "get it" that unless she focuses her energy on that, the fun is over.

They are VERY strong and you don't want to have a bully who hurts people - even if she doesn't mean to.

Our girl, when we would play, would sometimes miss the toy and hit our hand instead. She would immediately stop playing and put her head down. She knew she had hit skin and wasn't supposed to. It was kind of cute :)

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Our Baby Miss. Piggy is the

Our Baby Miss. Piggy is the same way and she's only 4 months.

A firm NO and redirect, also dont forget to PRAISE when she is doing well.

Remember this breed was bred to ROMP with bulls.....



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Thank you everyone for reassuring me. When we do play if she does get too rough I do use a firm NO and stop play. When she does hurt me though she does instantly feel terrible because she will stop lay down and look really sad and guilty and refuses to play any more. I feel INSTANTLY guilty! I dont yell at her or anything but she instantly goes submissive.

Don't let her become overstimulated

every time a dog performs a behavior, good or bad, they become better practiced at it and the harder it is to modify. So long before she "redlines", stop playing and work with her on some quiet skills like sit/stay, down/stay, watch me, teach her a trick. When she is nice and calm, you can go back to playing for a few minutes but again, end before she becomes too stimulated.

Good luck


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