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Has anyone ever had to use an exterminator? I have an ant problem in my kitchen and have tried all of the natural solutions to no avail. I know they say their products are pet safe but it still really worries me with the bullies.
Any advise?


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It seems ants are drawn to moisture.  They build their nest, say under the sink if there is moisrtue,and live in the crawspace and come up to explore. I'd try DE, diatomeas earth.  I'm against any chemicals in the house......but I don't like ants either. 

Good luck



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My exterminator just left...

we have to get sprayed since we have scorpions among other things that are far more dangerous to my guys than pesticides.  I keep them away from where he sprayed until it's completely dry, about an hour, and he uses the most pet friendly spray that he can that will still kill the critters.  If you can keep your guy away from the sprayed area for a few hours, that would be ideal.

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Thank you...

That puts my mind at ease a bit!

Vinegar and water. Half and

Vinegar and water. Half and Half mix, into a spray bottle. stray it inside and outside your home and around the doors, window etc... This keeps them out of your home and kills them and If you able to locate where the ants nest is, boil some hot water and pour it into the nest, this will eliminate all of them. Here's another tip you can try. Pour some black chili peper/powder where ever you find the ants. They'll carry the peper/powder back to their nest and it will kill them all. Third tip... You can use Borax and sugar. Boil some hot water, mix the borax and sugar togethet in the hot water, again half and half. put in to a spray bottle and spray on. This will also kill them all even the ones back in the nest. Hope this helps.


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Thanks ....

Thanks so much for the tips everyone! Tonight I've put down cornstarch and sprayed vinegar. I'll keep you posted!

I never heard of using

I never heard of using cornstarch on ants. Am seeing the cornstarch leaving a big mess behind after it dry's. How does the cornstarch work in this mix? Is it just being used to work as a bonding aggent with the vinegar? will it kill ants with out using the vineagr? kinda like the chili powder. Please let me know how this turns out for you and please be detail about the cornstarch. Thanks.

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I believe the cornstarch is supposed to suffocate them. I didn't use it together with the vinegar. I sprayed the vinegar along the baseboards, and put the cornstarch in some cabinets and areas around the outside of the dishwasher. So, fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted!

How long will you have to

How long will you have to wait? and don't you have to clean up the cornstarch as well?  I.... don't think I'll be trying the cornstarch at all now. LOL... beause you have to wait, than have to clean up the cornstarch. I like to spray it and have it killed right away, than clean up. Am like that kid with the magnify glass.  

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