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Excessive shedding please help

I have an Olde English Bulldog who sheds uncontrollably. It doesn't matter how much brushing I do. I've bought the Furminator & several other specialty brushes. I do get a lot off when brushing,but it doesn't change the shedding. This hair everywhere is driving me crazy!! This is my second OEB & both have done this but I've got to figure something out. The constant hair battle is tough!! If anyone has any tips,whether it be diet,product,supplement,whatever.. Please share. Thanks so much, Andrea 

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A couple of ideas for you.

You might need to try a good, grain free diet. A lot of people on the board use Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, or Blue Buffalo. You can also try putting a Salmon Oil pills. I buy the Norwegian Wild Salmon oil, Walmart brand. It is cheap and you can put one pill a day in their feed.


Amy and Sophia

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Thanks so much! I'll try that. Does yours shed like this? Or did she & the pills helped? My "Archie" sheds awful. Bless his heart,I'm sure he knows I'm fussing about him. 

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