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Ever had luck getting your adult bully to pee on the balcony? (grass patch)

Our guy is 6. We are moving to an apartment, and would love to get one of those balcony grass patches so we don't have to take him out all the time. I'm worried, he won't use it, because he knows it's not real, you know?

Anyone had any luck getting an adult to use one of those things?




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My guys will lift their leg for anything that...

resembles a bush.  Maybe a potted plant would help also.

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Good Idea

Yeah, that might help. I was wondering if i could buy dog pheremones or something to give it a scent, that he thinks he's peeing over something.. lol


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It didn't work for us

The one I bought had a plastic grid in the bottom of the tray and my girl didn't like the noise.


you should buy it now - let him pee on it a couple times, then when you move bring it with you.... my daughter has a little green shag carpet square in her room, of course my dog peed on that when he went up to her room..... You can always try that LOL!!!