Eating Dirt?

Hi everyone....  Does anyone here know why my Molley would eat dirt or any bully for that matter. I started noticing this about a week ago now. She'll go to the back yard and into my garden area and dig a little dirt up and she's not digging up a big hole or anything, like 2" wide and 2" deep. Not sure why she's in my garden, there's nothing growing in my garden at this time. it's just a 15x20 sand ares and she'll just dig down to the dirt, she's dig in other areas of my back yard too or she'll go to my neighbors front yard and dig in their flowers. What is she digging for?  and today she found a new spot to dig, my front yard. I have a pile of dirt in the front yard to do some yard work. She comes up to me today covered in mud all over her face and feet. You had to see it.  I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of it, it was so funny and cute. There's no way anyone could've gotten upset at that face covered in mud and dirt. Especially if it's a fat cute bully too. LOL... But why is she eating dirt? and will she be ok?

Aude and Molley.

Mineral dificiency maybe?

As in humans usually pregnant women, (PICA) the sudden urge to eat dirt or sand or in some cases even pieces of ground up chalk its usually do to a mineral deficiency. Usually goes away on its own in some other more severe cases adding vitamins and mineral supplements to their diet corrects the problem.

First make sure your dog is getting enough of to eat on a daily basis, if not correct the amount he/she needs. If that doesnt work, try going with NuVet or Bayer´s Equilibrium.

hope it helps

Good Luck

Should I worry?

She's eats plenty of food, she's over 50lbs... 2lbs over her normal weight size and I know she get plenty of Vitamins, rather it be from her food or in the treasts I give her through out the day.  Am worried if this will harm her or not when she eats the dirt. she just started doing this. But it's not every time she goes out side. Maybe once a week if that. I've seen and understand that animals have to find supplemnts to correct the problem. I just didn't think my Molley would have such issue, since I always try to make sure my Molley gets all the right things she need to be healthy. A healthy Molley is a happy and healthy. ; )   I guess I can look for more supplemnts to add to her diet? it wouldn't hurt right?.  or should I just keep doing what I'be been doing with her? and keep watching how she does? Thank you Drjasso.....

Molley and Aude