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Ear Cleaning Solution

Which brand(s) do you recommend?


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Ed use either ...

Epi otic or zymox for regular cleanings 

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we have used epi otic for our 2 bullies and our beagle with good results.


  Joe & the girls

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Agree - Epi Otic for cleaning

and Zymox for any yeast. Bought can be bought online over the counter.

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We've been using organic apple cider vinegar with a ratio

of one to one with water......I also clean Meaty's tail pocket, and under Sophie's tail and her lady parts with it....(Vinegar is wonderful against yeast!)

...many bully owners swear by Apple Cider

Vinegar.....just be sure it's the organic kind.  Vinegar is a wonnnnnnnderful, natural fluid for SOO many things!  :-)


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