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Dry vs canned food

My 6 month old bully swallows his food instantly and doesn't chew it. Is it better to feed bulldogs with canned food since they tend to swallow and not chew their food? Or maybe should I mix his dry food with the canned?


Anna chu

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Hi Anna - and welcome!

My bulldog never chewed a thing in her life. In fact, I had to break up bigger treats because she wouldn't bother chewing. She never choked on anything though - lived to be almost 12.

I wouldn't worry about him gobbling his food. And I wouldn't recommend soft food, since I feel it tends to stick more to their teeth and then you have to brush the teeth (something I couldn't bother doing, honestly).

If you are worried, one thing you can do it buy a special dish that has a separator in the middle that makes it a bit harder for them to get to their food, which slows them down. There are several types here are a few examples.


Best of luck with your "little piggy"!

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Thank u :)

Thank u, I will def purchase the dish. Which brand did u feed ur bully? Mine is on Blue buffalo wilderness now..


Anna chu

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My bully had "issues"

So she was on a special prescription diet from the vet. Sorry I can't be more helpful on that issue. If you ask others, they will probably have more to say.