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Don't Mind Me Squiddy...

while I play with my ball. happy.gif

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they is w/out a doubt absolutely adorable-all 3!!!

ah rooney w/your famous ball in your mouth!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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I love your three!

They are so funny! And I love how they all want to be together even if they're doing three different things-such good brothers! 


Quite the bunch of lookers

Quite the bunch of lookers you got there!! :)


CH Biggie Smalls

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They are just the sweetest things.  Sigh....



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Hey...does viper have the JW pet company  ball that has the little feet on the bottom? I just got Molly one and she's obsessed running all over the house with it.  The squeaker is a little loud though just too warn you but she's having a blast! Thought maybe he would like it too! 


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I'm sure Viper would LOVE IT...

I have seen it but don't get any with squeakers.  happy.gif