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Dogs does not like my bulldog

We are staying at my parent's  condo untl our place is ready on Feb 1.  There is a dog that does not like Chef D.   Every time the other dog sees him the dog goes nuts.   They have never even gotten close enough to sniff each other.  Once the other dog starts barking and going after him Chef just walks away.  He can't be bothered by bullies. 

So today I went to take Chef out.  As we come off the elevator the dog attacked Chef D.   We were completely blindsided as we were coming out the door (they were off the left and out of view if you were in the elevator.)   I was able to get Chef away, but not without a few cuts on his face and chin. I have to say I'm proud of how he listen to me to leave.   I didn't even realize he was bit until after we got outside.  Not sure if Chef got to the other dog.  they went up the elevator.  Chef is not generally aggressive, but it's possible he did in defense.

 Anyone else have this problem?  There are 2 other dogs who bark like crazy at Chef D also.  Again they have never gotten close enough to sniff, so it's not like Chef did something to them.  Does he just have one of those faces that makes other dogs crazy?   Lucky for me, Chef just continues to walk if they start barking at him. He never even barks back at them (he did today, but hey he was attacked for coming out of an elevator).

In NOLA he was very well socialized with other dogs and people alike.    The dogs in this building are just down right mean.  Not even sure the point of this.  We are moving out next week, I just wish the elevator doors were made out of glass so I could prepare.  Now everytime the doors open I'm going to be scared he is going to be attacked for simply walking out of an elevator at the wrong time.


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I had this problem with Baron, but in the reverse...

he has never like other dogs, I got an excellent trainer and now we can walk by and he just looks at me, no reaction.

She told me the best thing to do if other dogs approach is to keep him behind me, so make sure Chef is behind you when the elevator doors open, that way you run into the dog first and can be prepared, this way Chef doesn't have to defend himself you can do it for him.

Hope that helps.


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My experience with this

We live in a dog friendly appartment building with, at times, at least 40 or so dogs living there. Most get along fine, some do not.

Some dogs are just more naturally territorial and probably see Chef D as an intruder in "their home". Normal dog behaviour, but still.

To be on the safe side, I would always stand back far from the door when you're waiting for the elevator. Hope that there are no other dogs in there. If there is, wait for the next elevator. The last thing you want is a dog fight in the elevator, trust me! And walk out before Chef, just in case there's another dog waiting to come in when the door opens. If another dog gets in there with you, put Chef behind you in the corner (or ask the person to take the next elevator).

My Stella was attacked by a husky (who also attacked other dogs in the building) and I was very wary after that. These other dogs don't know you and you don't know the other dogs, so stay away from them in general would be my advice. Especially since you won't be there for long.

Looks like Chef has the right attitude. But you don't want him getting hurt - or you hurt either!

P.S. That's an adorable shot of Chef!!

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Good advice

good advice on staying behind us.  He's been taught to go into the back of the elevator and sit down.  Then he should wait to the okay command and walks behind us.  However, we are not completely consistent on that.  I will make sure he does that from now on.   The other day a little dog was in it's owners arms barking a little. Chef was justting there like "mom why are they barking?".  Then the looks was "hey I'm sitting here like a good boy, where is my treat?"  That boy is so food motivated.   During walks he is mostly behind or to the side anyway.  He is a good walker.

Although, I'm not sure that would have helped much in the this situation.  There is a mail room near the small elevator waiting area off to the left.  They were coming out of the mail room as we were coming out of the elevator.   Even behind me, the other dog had access to him since he was on the side.  But I will do a double take now on to make sure no one is there before he comes out.   Freak situation honestly.


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Was the other dog on a leash?

If not, I would complain to the building super.  I have found that with our bulldogs that have teeth sticking out, other dogs sometimes are wary thinking they are baring their teeth.  Oscars were very bad and a lot of dogs would back away from him.  I feel bad for your guy, just minding his own business, poor baby.

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my archie actually wanted to

my archie actually wanted to play w/other dogs he would just stand there and wait it out hoping to be liked so they'd play w/him...,was never in an incident where he was attacked...but smaller dogs would always bark at him,hope he's k
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May I ask where are the owner of these dogs.

Ok what the crap. Chef D can't be afraid to go down and use the restroom. Everyone is right I agree. But if it was me. I carry a big stick no dog is going to hurt my Loulou. Sorry she is my baby girl and I would not let any dog bite my children. I will not have them biting  my Bullie. Kiss The Chef for me. 



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It's a little strange, but some dogs don't like Bulldogs at all.

I have seen that reaction before toward a Bulldog, not any of the other dogs that were around. It was bizarre, the dog just didn't like the bulldog in the group. The other dogs got along fine, it was just the one bully that got picked on. I don't know if it is the breathing, gas, or smooshie face, but sometimes other breeds just don't find Bulldogs to their liking!


Amy and Sophia

what the heck!!!!

Makes me soooo irritated that peple don't have better pet manners. I would def complain if their dog was unleashed. Poor Chef D:( But good for listening to you!!! Hope he got an extra treat!!! 


Happy married mom of 4 and first time mom to my fur baby BRUCE!!!!!!! HE WAS BORN 2/2/12!!!!

Congratulations, you have a nicely socialized dog

he is behaving and responding perfectly. Too bad the other dogs are can't read dog body language, Chef is doing everything to tell them to chill out.

That said, you would have to know how these other dogs react to other breeds before assessing whether or not they are reacting to Chef differently because he is a Bulldog. I personally believe there is a difference based on the physical differences in Bulldogs. Maybe they are harder for other dogs to "read" because of their broad shoulders/frontal stance, protruding teeth, wrinkled faces hide expressions etc.,

Hugs to your boy and be careful


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Thanks for the advice

The other dog was on a leash.   I've heard that this dog doesn't seems to like any other dogs in the buliding.  He snapped at another dog also.  But that owner said it was their fault because they didn't have their dog on a leash.

Chef seems okay today.  I think I'm more traumatized than he is.  Today I've just been putting him in the corner of the elevator, sitting  and making him wait until I check-out the situation.    He knows I have treats in my pockets so he behaves.    Seriously, he is VERY food motiviated.


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