Dog Scooting again

So we took Ethel to the vet about a week and half ago. She had her anal glands expressed, they were pretty full. The next day she started scooting again. We are going to the vet again Friday ( I am going to learn how to express them this time - have 2 other scooters at home! LOl) anyway I noticed that her little girl parts are looking really red, I am sure it's from rubbing them on the carpet. I put some triple paste on her today, hoping that helps, I use it in their ropes, works great. Is it possible for them to get a yeast infection down there (like women do?) Just wondering if anyone has ever come across that..

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Check under her tail...

it could be a bit infected. Does she have a tight tail? Have the vet check it out for sure.


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Her tail is great....

It actually sticks out and she wags it in a circle when she is excited... something you don't see too much with a bully.. Going to the vet tonight... Thanks