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Dog Food

Just curious on what everyone is feeding their bully.  We've had our dog for about a month now.  His previous owners had him on Nutro Natural Choice sensitive stomach.  I was thinking of switching him to grain-free like Blue Buffalo.  He seems to itch a lot.  We've already started him on fish oil.  Any suggestions? Also, what's the best way to switch his food? 

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forgot to add

I also want food that won't make him gassy

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Worth a try

Blue Buffalo has decent ingredients for kibble. You have to try for several weeks and see how it goes. Switch slowly, mixing together gradually, over a couple of weeks just to help avoid possible upset tummy.

I feed raw, haven't fed kibble in something like 3 or 4 years now and won't ever feed kibble again.

It really is by trial until you find what does best and sometimes down the rode you might want to switch it up. Also good to switch up protein sources every few months.

Depends on each individual dog.

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Raw diet!

Kibble scares the bejesus out of us, with all the "other things" in the ingredients. The itching is probably an allergy to something in the food. Our two reacted to several things in kibble and we found something even as small as the amount of beets affected them. Chemicals and preservatives should always be a concern for you. They shorten your pup's lifespan significantly by creating serious medical issues. I suggest you do a ton of homework before you commit. You may end up trying a whole lot of different things and see how the pup reacts to each. We prepare about 60 percent of Lily's raw diet and purchase raw "burgers" from the pet shop to supplement. Be picky! It's worth it in the end. Good luck.

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Raw diet?

Are dog's on a raw diet able to eat once a day? or do you have to break it up?

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2x a day ... same as with kibble

I would never feed once a day especially a bulldog. IMO it's healthier for them if you feed an adult dog 2x a day. I always feed puppies 10/12 wks to 6 months 3 x a day.