Does anyone have any experience with liver cancer in bulldogs? (REPOST FOR GENERAL FORUM)

I posted this in the Medical Forum, and received one very helpful response, but was wondering if anyone on the General Forum might have any experience with this:

We received the biopsy results from the cancer from our recently departed bully Buster, which stated that it originated in his liver.

Does anyone have any experience with liver cancer in bulldogs (or other dogs)? If so, could you provide details: age, symptoms, treatment, and length/quality of life after it was diagnosed?

Thank you all in advance.

No experience with liver cancer but

we had a dog that was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen which spread rapidly to the liver. No treatment, at that point it was too advanced. From day of diagnosis to the day he passed was exactly 2 weeks.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

So sorry to hear. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your response. That timeline sounds very familiar.

What age was your bully when he passed? Do you recall any of the symptoms?

His symptoms were immediate loss of appetite

and he was uncomfortable, no matter what his position-standing/lying down/sitting.

Clem was 13 years old when he left.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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no experience myself but my

no experience myself but my bro's 10yr old dog(lab/german shep.mix)passed last oct from kidney turns out
that he had cancer as well(not sure exactly where),he rapidly lost weight about 10-15 lbs in about 2 wks and he had absolutely zero appetite nor thirst...needless to say to watch him wither away was the saddest most painful thing to go through...there is nothing more heartbreaking

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no to liver , but pancreatitis cancer yes

so sorry to hear about your buster. we lost our Chelsea almost 2 years ago now an it still hurts. It came out of no where an by the time it was caught it was to late. I blame the vet at the time cause she was in all the time for check ups but that's another story. Chelsea was 11 yrs old a in perfect health un till she started having seizures an with in a week she went blind an a week later she was gone. any how sorry again about Buster an hopefully it helps.


Cory & Penelope

Thanks again to all who shared.

I'm sorry for all of your losses. It does help to be able to talk to others who have experienced something similar. Perhaps discussing the symptoms might help others identify something early enough to help.