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Does anyone else get this?

I am very proud I own a bulldog, he's lovely so good with my children and full off character, a bit stubborn but who cares ;) but when I have posted on another forum for advise for Ronnie all I do is get bashed by other owners (not bulldog owners) saying its cruel how these dogs are still being bred because of all their problem etc and it turns into some massive debate, hense why I have joined this forum because I really am getting fed up with it! 


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oh wow!!!well you are more

oh wow!!!well you are more than welcome to join us in here!

as for the bashers/haters it is unfortunate that ppl tend to talk

and spew hate/negativity of things they don't know anything about or understand!

like w/most or ANY pure breeds they come w/their own set of problems/medical issues(if any at all)!

quite a few in here can tell you they've had bullies for 10+ yrs w/out so much as an incident

cept for the usual old age issues...but like w/MOST things in life sometimes it's just as simple

as the luck of the draw!!!

so don't bother w/the naysayers for they will only drag you down to their level and beat you w/

their ignorance and stupidity!

Don't listen

to the haters... They are just jealous because they don't have a bulldog!!! We know what we are getting ourselves into when we get a bulldog! But we love them anyway... I will always have a bulldog in my home, (or 2) no matter what. They make you smile just by looking at them! so don't listen to another word... Stay here with us!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't listen to the hate and negativity

We have two perfectly healthy beautiful bulldogs. We also have a rescue Pointer mix and he has a "delicate" stomach. Anything can happen to any animal.

Ronnie is darling, you love him, he loves you and your family. Enjoy!


Monica, Maude and Gus

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Thank you makes me feel a lot

Thank you makes me feel a lot better, of course I knew the issues, we were going to get a bulldog regardless whether it be from a rescue home or a breeder, and we so happened to pick Ronnie who was the little 'runt' of the litter no one wanted, and I wouldn't ever change a thing. Regardless of where any pup or dog has come fro or their health issues they all deserve a loving home :)


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Bulldogs are the best.

It seems that some sites you're come across are filled with trolls. You can't fight with trolls, you can simply avoid them and know that these people are the unlucky ones, never having know the love of a bulldog.

(My last bulldog, Maybull, lived until she was 14-years old with no 'bulldog' health problems.)

You are absolutly welcome here.

If you have to don't get it!

Someone once told me that about Harley motorcycles and I will never forget it.  If you have to ask why someone has a bulldog, then you don't get it.  Some people love to be judgmental and voice their opinions...and that is fine....but bashing and hurtful statements  are just uncalled for.  You will love being here, as we all have our love for the breed.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)




I am always taken aback when someone says to me....."they are so ugly and only a face a mother could love".  Wow, do you feel that way about human beings as well?????


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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This doesn't bother me so much.

I just say, well, as his mom, I think he's beautiful.

Plus, I figure that people who say this don't realize that they are being mean. They just weren't raised right.

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Absolutely right!

I think Ronnie is gorgeous along with other bulldogs I think they are fab x


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That's so funny you say that Vicky

The other day hubby and Tucker were at petsmart and this woman came running over "omg it's a bulldog!". Hubby said she was petting him and rubbing him and then she was like "omg, he's soooo UGLY!!"   

Thanks goodness I wasn't there because I would have told her off. How rude! Would she say that to my child??? I can't believe some people. 


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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What a cutie!!

Sorry people were saying mean things to you about this breed, pay no attention - they're just ignorant and don't understand how wonderful this breed really is! Welcome to BDW :)


Cathy & Zimmer