In need of so advice. I just adopted my first bulldog she is 1 year old and was being fed Royal Canin ( YUK!!!!! ) Im looking to see what others have their bulldogs on. I read that they have food sensitivites. My other dog ( Boxer ) is on RAW but from my understanding Bulldogs cannot have bones as they get stuck in their throats? So I'm now on the hunt for a good Kibble that is Grain free, has no corn, or no animal by products. I prefer as holistic as possible...I was thinking Orijen? any suggestions or stories would be great thanks!!

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Bulldogs can eat raw :-)

Mine has been doing it for 3 years now and there are plenty of raw eating bulldogs. She is allergic to chicken so bone is more of a challenge for us, but before we realized she was allergic to chicken, she ate chickens bones no problem. She also eats lamb ribs with no issues.

Pork bones or steak bones get pounded with a hammer in the thick parts. She also eats turkey necks pounded with a hammer a bit. 


Cathy and Audrey  

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Why would

a bone get stuck in a Bulldogs throat and not a Boxers? They are both canines. Stick with the RAW.

I personally don't feed whole bones because I have a problem feeding bones (old school) and even chewed they still are sharp, but there are many many breeders/owners who feed RAW. I choose to feed ground meats/bones only. But for good teeth and gums mine get Venison or Beef bones (Marrow & Joint) to chew on and they do get pieces of bone off.

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Penelope had allergies to now she's on raw an loving it !!!!

I had Penelope on kibble at first an had a lot of problem the kind people on this site recommend raw, I was a little nervous about bones but wanted to give her the good stuff in the bones so I just get pre-made with ground up bones in it. an Penelope has no problem with them that way. she actually love it........I will never go back to kibble. Her coat is soft an shiny. plus all the good stuff taking place in her body makes it all worth it.

Hopefully this was helpful.


Cory & Penelope

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We have Fatboy on Honest Kitchen. It's dehydrated raw. He has

had the best results from this brand.  My Fatboy has had the worst reactions to everything else.  So I know your ordeal :)  good luck!


Fatboy aka Stinky :)